We’ve all see the iconic poster of Uncle Sam used to recruit soldiers for World Wars I and II. It’s our turn. No, we’re not trying to build an army here at Drovers CattleNetwork, but we are working to build something.

We want (to hear from) youOver the past nine months, I’ve been honored to serve as editor of this publication and have been fortunate to work alongside some of the industry’s finest men and women. I came on board in the midst of several changes – the magazine received a facelift and information from new contributing writers started popping up in the newsletter and the magazine (and have become regular faces since then). In addition, the cattle market itself was in the early days of a rally that continues today and has resulted in record-breaking prices for beef and cattle. Simply put, it’s been a heckuva nine months!

But it’s never too early to start planning for the future. That’s where you, valued readers of Drovers CattleNetwork, come into play. We’re building plans for next year, but before putting the pen to paper (or striking any computer keys), we want to know how to better meet your needs.

Here is a link to a short survey (it’s only five questions) that I hope you’ll consider filling out and submitting. In about five minutes, you can provide our team with insight as to what the biggest issues facing your operation (be it a feedyard, a cow-calf ranch, a backgrounding operation, a processing plant, a restaurant, or some other facility within the beef cycle) are today and what you want to read about in the coming months. Tell us what you like and what you don’t.

Help us bring you information you need to succeed in 2015 and beyond. I’m proud of the steps we’ve taken this year to drive the Drovers CattleNetwork brand forward. But I’m not interested in accepting the status quo as being as good as we can be. Your input in this survey will help us continue improving. I look forward to hearing from each of you and continue to strengthen this brand for years to come.

So while we’re not trying to build an army of troops, we are working to serve as a trusted provider of reliable, accurate and timely information to you and to the thousands of cattle producers across this great nation. Help us out. We want to hear from you!

(Here’s that link one more time in case you missed it:  Drovers CattleNetwork 2015 Survey.)