When working toward a happy medium between your personal life and your career, start with a simple principle. “Balance in life is not about equal time,” says Laura Cornille-Cannady, a farm business consultant. Instead, it’s about using available time to meet goals, wants and needs. Here are a few tips on how to achieve satisfaction: 

 1. Set appropriate expectations at home, at work and in the community. 
 2. Spend 10% of your time creating and monitoring your life plan.
 3. Be present in all that you do. Multitasking is not being present.
 4. Measure accomplishment by results rather than by hours worked.
 5. Create space just for you, either in a physical location or in your head.
 6. Define your limits for yourself and then share them with others.
 7. Get an ally such as a coach or a friend who will hold you accountable.
 8. Plan and implement a non-hurried morning routine.
 9. Identify times that are limited to family or friends and make dates.
10. Simplify workplace and home processes.
11. Prioritize caring about others rather than taking care of others.



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