Champion USA, LLC announced today the EPA approval for new JustiFLY 3% (diflubenzuron) Feedthrough Larvicide and for DFBZ Technical Diflubenzuron. New JustiFLY 3% Feedthrough is cleared for use in pasture and confinement animals including non-lactating dairy cows and veal calves. The larvicide is available in a new 3% active formulation for easy handling and mixing for larvicide fly control programs.

"We are excited to finally be able to bring a competitive DFBZ-based larvicide to US cattle producers and dairymen," says Flavio Rocha, President of Champion USA. "We have been manufacturing and selling the 3% larvicide throughout Brazil and the world for nearly two decades. Since we will be sourcing our own DFBZ and packaging and distributing from the US, we are in a better position to bring the product formulations to beef, feedlot and dairy producers at a significantly reduced price over current DFBZ-based products like ClariFlyÒ Larvicide.

According to Rocha, JustiFLY contains the same active ingredient as Clarifly and has the same mode of action. "This product also has been approved for use in both pasture cattle and confinement animals," Rocha adds. "We have been using this compound for more than 20 years and have not had a reported case of fly resistance. This is a highly efficacious product -- especially against production-hampering horn flies and face flies. With the beef and dairy industry's commitment to the safe handling of livestock and economic popularity of feedthrough larvicides, we are excited to bring this product to the US marketplace."

According to Dr. Steve McKinley, Technical Manager for AgLand Consulting who is working with Champion to introduce, position and sell their product line, "We are trying to keep distribution simple and will be offering our 3% feedthrough product in 25-lb. bags and bulk containers."

For more information on new JustiFLY Feedthrough Larvicide, log on to or call 1-954-573-8090 for a Champion distributor near you.