In the Oct. 9 Food Systems Insider newsletter, we asked readers their opinions on country of origin labeling. Here are the results and some of their comments.

We asked the following question.

Canada is taking its complaints over U.S. country of origin labeling rules to the World Trade organization. Do you consider COOL:

  • A) A protectionist non-tariff trade barrier. (16 percent selected this answer.)
  • B_ A means of providing consumers information they want. (72 percent favored this choice)
  • C) Both (12 percent chose this option)

Following are comments readers submitted with their responses.

“Mandatory anything usually has unintended negative effects. In this case, a trade barrier was created. I'm not convinced consumers really care about COOL; certainly not enough to pay for it.”

“I am a farmer and consumer. I have always made an effort to buy American. Getting harder to do. I would like to know where everything I buy comes from, especially food.”

“It supplies information to consumers that may or may not want it. No more, no less.”

“I personally buy meat for my family at the supermarket and I truly care where it originates. I would be delighted AND pay a premium price for USA beef. If this cannot be done via COOL then I would think that it might be done through branding.”

“People have a right to know where their food comes from. How many people would eat organic if they knew that food came from countries without an organic standard?”