Walking out into their cow herds, it’s not always cut and dry to producers what body-condition score (BCS) their cattle have. On one hand, they may do a simple sort of “fat enough, and needs more feed,” without a systemized measurement. On the other hand, they may take a BCS on individual cows, but what they call a BCS of 5 may not match up with a neighbor’s BCS of 5.

Interested in seeing where your BCS measurements lineup with industry averages, or just needing a starting point for taking records? Check out these available apps.

CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements: BCS Phase 2

Simply take a photo of a cow and compare that shot with a reference gallery and a detailed BCS outline description. Users can save the photo and information into a record and access it later to compare new photos to visually see point-to-point how a cow is holding up. The reference photos can also be switched out for producers sticking to a more ranch-specific measuring system.

BCS Phase 2 is available on iOS for iPhone and Android platforms. Find the download instructions for the free app here.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: NUBeef-BCS

Developed by UNL Extension beef specialist Rick Rasby, this app not only helps producers determine BCS but provides assistance in nutritional management programs for beef cattle.

Producers are able to take a photo of an individual cow and record detailed information on her body condition. This includes keeping track of her ID and score dates — with recommendations for late summer, fall, weaning time, 45 days after weaning, 90 days before calving, calving and breeding.

The app is a minimal investment of 99 cents and is compatible with Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Find the download in app stores here.