I have always enjoyed reading tips and tricks in various publications, and I have picked up many useful time- and labor-saving ideas. However, it is not as common to find tips specifically for cattle producers. A few of my favorites are listed below.

Four-Wheeler Cattle Guard
Most people do not like to open and shut gates. This has led to countless escaped animals, arguments and reprimands. Cattle guards are common along pasture roads that are frequently traveled, but they can be expensive. There are places where it would be handy to cross a fence but a full-size cattle guard is not justifiable. For cattle producers who use a four-wheeler, a smaller version of a cattle guard is a good idea. These only need to support the weight of your four-wheeler, so they can be can be constructed for much less than a full-size version. Elevating the tire path helps prevent cows from jumping across it.

This is a picture of Noble Foundation cooperator Jan Lee's design, but there are many others online. Search for four-wheeler cattle guards.