Tips for Fall Calving Herds:

  • Have bulls tested for breeding soundness. Remember 20% (1 out of 5) bulls fail a breeding soundness examination. 
  • Any bull changing ownership within the State of Arkansas shall have a negative trichomoniasis test within 30 days prior to change of ownership with no exposure to females from 7 days prior to the test at the time at the change of ownership. The test must be conducted by a licensed veterinarian. An exception to the rule is a virgin bull less than 24 months of age. For addition questions, contact the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission. 
  • Fall calving season should be coming to an end.
  • Vaccinate cows prior to the breeding season. 
  • Breeding heifers 20 to 30 days before the mature cow breeding season.
  • Check cows and heifer's body condition. It is very important to maintain body condition through the lactating period and breeding season to ensure high re-breeding rates.
  • Provide free choice mineral.
  • Care of newborn calf - dip navels, ear tag, castrate, etc.

Tips for Spring Calving Herds: 

  • Monitor heifers for spring calving season. Heifer should be calving 20 to 30 days before the mature cows. Monitor heifer's body condition, etc. Heifers should weight 85% of their mature weight at calving. 

  • Prepare for spring calving season. Make a list of equipment to ensure that when a problem arises, you will be ready. Items on your list may include: OB gloves, OB lubricant, esophageal feeder, bottle and nipple, chain straps/chains, calf puller, sterile syringes and needles, batteries for flashlight or spotlight, old rags or blankets, toolbox to keep calving equipment, colostrum replacement, electrolytes, Oxytocin, etc.