According to the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, production agriculture is more efficient and mobile than it ever has been, thanks in part to the wide variety of farming and ranching apps available. The organization announced recently that it has developed its own ag app that performs a variety of on-farm calculations.

According to Bryan Nichols, Noble Foundation livestock consultant, the app can help producers and land managers alike with various decisions about a wide variety of topics, including beef cattle, grazing, wildlife and fisheries, pecan trees, sprayer calibration and more.

“We wanted to create an app that would provide more information for farmers and ranchers, giving them the ability to make better-informed management decisions out in the field,” he says. “We chose the calculators that best fit the common situations producers encounter on a daily basis.

Some of those calculating decisions include:

  • Body condition score change
  • Breeding season
  • Calving season
  • Frame score
  • Lime application
  • Pond fish stocking
  • Pearson square ration balancing
  • Value of grain

Nichols says additional calculators will be added in future versions of the app. For now, it is free to download on both Android and Apple devices.

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