From the June/July issue of Drovers CattleNetwork.

One of the hardest parts of getting the succession-plan conversation started is asking the right questions. To help producers get headed in the right direction, Dave Specht, a strategy consultant to family farms and ranches and author of the book “The Farm Whisperer — Secrets to Preserving and Perpetuating Farms”, holds vast experience in agricultural business structure and developed the Inspired Questions-For Farmers (IQ) app. Packed full of questions ranging from family relationships within the operation to business structure and expected outcomes, the IQ app is designed to ease the initial discomfort of bringing up essential questions related to the succession-planning process. Typically, the iOS compatible app is $4.99; however, Specht is offering it to Drovers CattleNetwork readers for free. Text DROVERS to 33733 receive the Inspired Questions-For Farmers app for free. The following questions were selected by Specht, with more to be featured throughout the series.


In the next month, set up a time to meet with the stakeholders within your family operation and ask each other the five provided questions. 

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