From the June/July issue of Drovers CattleNetwork.

In an effort to help customers with business-management practices and challenges on their operations, Zoetis created the PeopleFirstprogram, with a main focus to assist agricultural operations with leadership development, employee training and business objectives and strategies. Made up of a group of industry consultants who serve as PeopleFirst coaches, customers are able to get training and advice from qualified experts.

For business owners, PeopleFirst offers coaching in strategic, succession and marketing planning, along with leadership and management training for employees.

According to Zoetis and past participants, benefits include:

  • Enhanced emotional commitment and sense of accountability
  • Decreased absenteeism and workforce turnover
  • A clear vision for the future of the business
  • Improved leadership and people management skills
  • More effective communication across the organization
  • A roadmap to future business success

To learn more about how Zoetis’ PeopleFirst program can help your operation, contact your regional representative or visit

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