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Pasture and Rangeland

Organic matter serves important role in soil health

Of all the components of soil, organic matter is probably the most important and most misunderstood. Organic matter serves as a reservoir of nutrients and water in the soil, aids in reducing compaction and surface crusting, and increases water infiltration into the soil. Yet, it's often ignored and neglected. Let's examine the contributions of soil organic matter and talk about how to maintain or increase it.

Pasture and Rangeland

What can we expect from forage cover crops?

There are (and should be) variable growth and production patterns for forage cover crops. Since forage cover crops are planted following grain crop production, their growth is influenced by the amount of light penetration (affected by residue amount), water availability (including soil moisture plus precipitation), appropriate growth temperature (planting date and accumulated growing degree days), and soil fertility (residual N and availability of nutrients). Based on the grain crop they follow, any combination of these conditions can limit forage cover crop growth.

Pasture and Rangeland

Rangeland management practices you can do this winter

As the holiday festivities have almost come and gone, those of us who are used to spending time outdoors may become a little bit stir-crazy! Even though the plants may be dormant, our management practices do not have to be. Below are some winter practices to consider for land and livestock improvement.

Advice and Tips

Got worms???

As you manage cattle on grass, you are also managing gastrointestinal parasites.

Pasture and Rangeland

Winter grazing on upland rangelands

Year-round cattle grazing is an important management consideration in the Nebraska Sandhills and western Nebraska. With proper protein and mineral supplementation, cattle can be successfully grazed on dormant winter forage without high inputs of harvested feeds.

Pasture and Rangeland

El Niño may boost cool-season pasture weeds

The summer of 2015 will long be remembered for the consistency and amount of rainfall received. This was a great benefit for the crop farmer, but made life exceedingly difficult for the hay farmer. With all this rain I saw many pastures that were “soggy” all summer. Bahiagrass is a durable and highly persistent grass that can tolerate periodic flooding.


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