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Pasture And Rangeland

Find news and information for advice and tips on pasture and rangeland.

Cow Calf

Anticipating grasshopper impact for the grazing season

Developing plans to allocate the livestock feed available from pasture resources is essential to optimize pasture use and minimize associated costs. Useful plans are made in advance and anticipate adjustments that may be needed to respond to changes during the growing season.

Pasture and Rangeland

Rangelands produce important ecosystem services

While participating in high school FFA and even more so during college, my perception of the landscape around me was transformed. Initially, I perceived the outdoor environment as a little grass, a few weeds and some trees. I eventually came to see the world as composed of many different species — little bluestem, sideoats grama, western ragweed, prairie coneflower, post oak and Eastern red-cedar — just to name a few.

Cow Calf

Forage Focus: What should I reseed in my hay and pasture fields?

The next time the snow melts off, it becomes the time of year to evaluate your hay and pasture fields to determine if they need to be reseeded. First and foremost, you need to make sure the pH and fertility is adequate for the forages you want to plant.

Cow/Calf Producer

Hog sounder size should determine trap choice

Trapping probably is the most effective feral hog control technique available to most land managers. Aerial gunning can be fairly effective but should be implemented over large areas (a few thousand acres), requires a helicopter, and can be relatively dangerous considering the necessary low altitudes and slow speed.

Cow/Calf Producer

Things to consider when evaluating whether or not to fertilize cool season grass pastures

Spring is right around the corner and many producers with cool season grass pastures, especially in central and eastern Nebraska are evaluating whether or not to fertilize this year. In many parts of Nebraska there is adequate soil moisture in place to provide a good start to the growing season. Assuming average spring moisture, the outlook is positive for grass growth.

Cow Calf

Severe cold weather rangeland and livestock considerations

Severe wind and cold can cause significant problems for livestock and their owners. Evidence of such problems―the blizzard that struck South Dakota on October 4-5 of 2013. The wind, snow, and cold resulted in major cattle loss.


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