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Pasture And Rangeland

Find news and information for advice and tips on pasture and rangeland.

Cow/Calf Producer

Getting newly weaned or received calves started on feed

A goal of any receiving or weaning plan should be to minimize stress on newly received calves. Starting new cattle, whether they be newly weaned or freshly received into a stocker operation, can often be a challenge. A goal of any receiving or weaning plan should be to get calves started on feed quickly and eating well. Management of their diets can have long term impacts on performance.

Pasture and Rangeland

Feeding nitrate-containing forage requires caution for cattle and ranch horses

Nitrate toxicity can be a serious problem in cattle and other ruminants. They are more prone to toxicity because the microbes in the rumen convert nitrate (NO3) to a more toxic nitrite (NO2) form. However, since horses are hindgut fermenters and do not have the extensive ability to ferment forages like cattle do, the risk is lower.

Pasture and Rangeland

Multiflora rose problems in pastures? Control it now!

Now is a great time to address problems with multiflora rose. As spring progresses, multiflora rose aggressively grows and eventually blooms in late May/early June. Several tactics can be used to control this problem weed and these methods will be briefly discussed.

Pasture and Rangeland

Plains pasture conditions improved significantly

Recent precipitation in the Plains States has greatly improved pasture conditions and could solidify grazing plans over the next several months. Improved pasture conditions will provide forages for the low cow inventory.

Cow/Calf Producer

Animal manure compost

Composting of animal manure can be beneficial to soil health while also reducing spreader application time and more advantageous spreading on hay and pasture fields during the growing season.


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