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Cattle Outlook: Fed prices continue to set records

The number of cattle on feed at the start of November is above the year-ago level for the first time since August 2012. Fed cattle prices continue to set new records buoyed by record retail beef prices. The 5 area price for slaughter steers averaged $164.60/cwt in October. That is up $3.10 from the record set in September and up $35.60 from October 2013. The average retail price for all fresh beef set a new record in October at $5.957 per pound.


Safe travels

In September, a truck loaded with cattle raced around a curve on an Idaho highway and overturned, killing at least 30 animals.

Animal Health Center

BeefTalk: We can do better

Warning: Critical statements exist in this article, so you may not want to read it. However, you should at least take home the point that acquiring good bulls through knowledgeable and informed bull selection is critical to the survival of the beef business.


Winter is critical to beef cow operation success

The winter of 2013-14 is fresh in the mind of most cow-calf producers. Many producers experienced severe condition that started in October in the Dakotas and lasted until May in many states.


Heifer retention affecting slaughter numbers, weights

Beef, dairy and pork producers can find some positive trends in the USDA’s latest Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook report, released Nov. 17. Beef and cattle prices continue to move higher, the October all-milk price fell just short of the record set in September, and hog prices are high due to tight supplies.

Cattle Feeding

The importance of feed testing

Optimal growing conditions across much of South Dakota this summer have resulted in large quantities of forage being produced. However, quality can vary greatly among and even within fields.


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