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Browse our wealth of news and information for advice and tips on topics ranging from baby calf health to pasture and rangeland.

Cow/Calf Producer

UGA Extension agent working to help save Georgia cattlemen money

University of Georgia Extension agent Mark Frye helps save Georgia cattlemen money while providing cattle a better diet. In 2010, the Wayne County agricultural and natural resources agent set out to discover whether double crop baleage was a viable option for all farmers. He worked with Wayne County farmer Jonny Harris to see if the process was feasible.


Meat of the Matter: Hitting rock bottom

An alternative media columnist builds an argument that exposes the core beliefs of the veggies and vegans who hate the industry. And he concludes with the ultimate, crushing insult.

I love vegans.

As a columnist, that is.

Vegans are so pure, so righteous that no matter what any producer, ranchers, packer, processors or restaurateur does to foster humane treatment of livestock, or sustainability in production, or maybe just building social consciousness around an issue that might positively affect society. It’s never good enough.

Cattle Feeding

Make hay supplies last through winter

Last spring was abnormally dry, and beef cattle producers didn't end up with an average hay crop. The smaller hay crops means that producers run the risk of running out.

Producers may want to start implementing tactics to save forage to make it through the rest of the winter season, Chris Ramsey, an agriculture extension agent, reported for

Ramsey says producers might consider culling non-productive cows and cows with a "less than desirable temperament."

Cow Calf

BQA Best Management Practices: Feed additives and medications for the cow-calf producer

In my last Michigan State University Extension article entitled What is BQA and why should I consider certification, the focus was on defining BQA and describing how it should be relevant to beef producers. In this article, the goal is to break BQA down into BMP’s and describe it in more detail, the section for this article is feed additives and medications for the cow-calf producer.

Cow/Calf Producer

What has two thumbs and wants to turn $2 into $50? THIS GUY!

If nothing else, I got you to stop and read this first sentence, or at least look at the figures. Implanting cattle is not a new technology, its been around for years. It has the potential to add 3-5% more pounds to your calf crop, yet fewer and fewer producers are employing the practice.


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