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Browse our wealth of news and information for advice and tips on topics ranging from baby calf health to pasture and rangeland.

Cow/Calf Producer

Benchmarking labor efficiency and productivity

It takes a lot of family and hired labor to run modern farms. Labor is an important and costly input and farm managers need to ask if they are getting the efficiency and productivity needed from that labor to be competitive.

Cow Calf

Reducing nutrient loss

Water quality has always been a priority for agriculture but in recent years those concerns have escalated because of problems in the Western Lake Erie Basin and the Saginaw Bay. Many have pointed at farming as the primary cause. We in agriculture need to be aware that farming practices do have an impact on water quality, both positive and negative. Nutrient movement off fields is an area where farmers need to take the initiative. There are three key areas where this can be done.


There is plenty of trade work yet to do

To start with, one could be forgiven for assuming that once the World Trade Organization ruled against the U.S. mandatory country-of-origin labeling law four times — twice each on the original regulatory rule and twice more on the revised version — the issue was settled.


Did you know… Small number, big impact

Sometimes you are reading emails, see something you realize is not spam—and your only reaction is WOW! Such was mine as I looked at qualifying numbers for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand for the months of June and July and saw 30.1% for both months. That is 30.1% of all identified black-hided, Angus-type cattle qualified for the CAB brand.

Cow/Calf Producer

The Veterinary Feed Directive: what does it all mean?

In 1996, Congress enacted the Animal Drug Availability Act (ADAA) for the approval and marketing of new animal drugs and medicated feeds. Before that time, drugs used in the animal industry were either over-the-counter or prescription-based. The ADAA created a new category of products called veterinary feed directive drugs (VFD drugs).

Cattle Feeding

Feedlot facility decision making Part I

Feedlot operators have several choices in types of facilities. In the last fifteen years most of the interest has been in confinement facilities either slatted floor pit barns or bedded facilities with the cattle under roof. Hoop buildings, monoslope roofs and gable roof buildings have all been built.


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