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Pasture and Rangeland

El Niño may boost cool-season pasture weeds

The summer of 2015 will long be remembered for the consistency and amount of rainfall received. This was a great benefit for the crop farmer, but made life exceedingly difficult for the hay farmer. With all this rain I saw many pastures that were “soggy” all summer. Bahiagrass is a durable and highly persistent grass that can tolerate periodic flooding.


DocTalk: Antibiotic resistance

Dr. Dan Thompson talks about some of the issues that are being discussed out there in the media about antibiotic resistance and about what we’re doing in the beef industry for judicious antimicrobial usage.


In the Cattle Markets: Cattle on feed

USDA-NASS released the monthly Cattle on Feed report on November 20. Numbers came in very similar to the average pre-report estimates. Total cattle on feed number (U.S. feedlots over 1,000 head capacity) on November 1 was up 2.1% over 2014 at 10.8 million head. This is the largest November cattle on feed number since 2012. In 2015 cattle on feed inventories have been at or above 2014 levels for all but one month, with the last five month inventories at 2% or more above last year’s levels.


Prospects for winter backgrounding in 2015

After enjoying a phenomenal cattle market during 2014 and much of 2015, prices dropped considerably from summer to winter this year. The rapid market drop seemed to delay feedlot marketings of fed cattle, pushing weights upward. At the same time, reduced exports and growing pork and poultry supplies also pressured cattle markets.

Cattle Feeding

Simple 2-part cow rations for this winter

Depending on your farm set-up, available equipment, and your willingness to purchase diesel fuel, your least-cost ration may look very different than your neighbors. Availability and proximity to co-product feeds, such as corn gluten feed (CGF) and dried distillers grains (DGS) may also shift your diet make-up.

Cow Calf

Measuring the impact of estrous synchronization

With proper planning and execution, using estrous synchronization and timed artificial insemination can result in tighter calving seasons and higher returns to a cow-calf operation. To illustrate the concept, University of Florida researcher Cliff Lamb recently presented a real-world case study, and related research, during the 2016 Range Beef Cow Symposium in Colorado.


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