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Animal Health Center

Effective treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex essential for profit

When considering profit, it is much easier for producers to sell calves that have always been healthy rather than those treated for disease, reported Washington State University Extension. While it is important to work to prevent disease, when it is necessary to treat it is most important to be effective in minimizing the impacts of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRD) in the cow/calf herd.

Cow Calf

Late-gestation heifer nutrition does not affect dystocia

A topic that is often discussed in cattle production is whether or not the level of nutrition given to a pregnant female late in gestation affects birth weight and calving difficulty (dystocia). Many producers worry that providing good nutrition to a pregnant female — especially heifers — increases birth weight of the calf and, subsequently, dystocia.

Animal Health Center

Reducing the risk of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex during transportation

Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRD) is a disease that results in 75 percent of cattle morbidity and 50 percent of cattle mortality in feedlot cattle, reported Washington State University Extension. As most producers, veterinarians and researchers know, the disease is often linked to transporting cattle, especially when they are young.

Cattle Feeding

In the cool of spring, plan for the heat of summer

As soon as the planters are in the shed, the crew at Weborg Feeding Co. near Pender, Neb., will unpack the shades in preparation for summer in the yard. “Shades have been a great addition, another tool for the toolbox,” says Tyler Weborg, who co-manages the 25,000 head feedlot with his dad Kent. “I wouldn’t say they’re a cure all, but they’ve worked in combination with sprinklers.”


Farming redefined

What does it mean to farm? I'm not asking for a warm and wonderful recitation about the joys of raising a family, working with God's green Earth or any of those other emotional triggers that so many people who receive the calling feel. I'm talking about the legal definition that opens up Uncle Sam's deep pockets, the legal description that brings with it farm subsidies; checks in the mail totaling millions of dollars.


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