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Browse our wealth of news and information for advice and tips on topics ranging from baby calf health to pasture and rangeland.

Cow/Calf Producer

What’s new with BQA and DACQA

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) and Dairy Animal Care and Quality Assurance (DACQA) focus on best management practices that look at the day to day husbandry practices used in caring for cattle that provide beef for family’s tables across the United States and abroad. The National BQA program continually works with all sectors of the beef and dairy industries to improve the content, credibility, and the uniformity of standards for raising food animals to assure the quality of beef products.

Cow/Calf Producer

The decision to retain ownership

Producers have many options when it comes to choosing a time and a method to market their calves.

Animal Health Center

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers investigate salmonella in Texas feedlots

A study examining the presence of salmonella in beef cattle feedyards was the focus of a series of studies by Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists and faculty in the department of animal science at Texas A&M University, College Station. The findings could help develop new pre-harvest food safety interventions in providing safe, wholesome food for consumers.


Miner Institute: Getting research on the right track

Recently the National Research Council (NRC) published an important report entitled “Critical Role of Animal Science Research in Food Security and Sustainability.” The NRC is our nation’s pre-eminent research body and has a long history of publishing insightful reports on science and society. Some have been highly influential while others have languished with seemingly little impact. This latest report lays out a compelling vision for the needed research in animal agriculture to sustain future U.S. and global food production systems.

Cow/Calf Producer

V.S. is no B.S.

Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) is a contagious viral disease of all hoofed animals. Animals afflicted with VS are in pain, stop eating, lose weight and produce less milk.

Pasture and Rangeland

August the time to stockpiling bermudagrass

August is the time to begin stockpiling bermudagrass for fall-to-early-winter grazing, said Dirk Philipp, associate professor of Animal Science for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.


BMC: Corn acreage by state (2014 vs. 2015)

The 2015 corn planted area for all purposes is estimated at 88.9 million acres, down 2 percent from last year. This represents the lowest planted acreage in the United States since 2010. Growers expect to harvest 81.1 million acres for grain, down 2 percent from last year. Farmers responding to the survey indicated that 98 percent of the intended corn acreage had been planted at the time of the interview, the same as the 10-year average.


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