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Doc Talk: Flies on cattle

Dr. Dan Thomson speaks with Dr. Bob Larson, the Coleman Chair and a professor at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, about flies, cattle, getting rid of those pesky things.

Cow/Calf Producer

Trucking cattle

A cattle transportation symposium was held this past May. A point of emphasis was that two years of hard work can be undone by poor handling during the last ride. Transportation is not the first part the beef and dairy business that may come to mind. However, transportation is very important to both. For many in the general public, their only exposure to livestock production occurs when they see animals being transported on roadways.

Disease Diagnostics

Using the Diagnostic Lab in Summer Pneumonia Cases Part 2: Nasal swabs and other methods

Pneumonia in pre-weaned calves is frustrating for cattle producers and veterinarians. A previous iGrow article introduced the concept of using the diagnostic lab to better understand these occurrences. In some cases, diagnostic testing can help veterinarians in guiding treatment and future preventive practices; it’s good for cattle producers to understand these methods. Lung tissue is a common post-mortem sample for the identification of specific pneumonia germs. But what about outbreaks where no calves have died? What samples, if any, might be useful from a diagnostic standpoint?

I am a Drover

I’m a Drover: Talkin’ with Doc

Music starts and the dark screen transitions to a salt-and-pepper-haired man in a purple button-down shirt sitting in front of a tin-barn studio backdrop. “Hi, folks, it’s Dr. Dan from Doc Talk here today, and I’m sure glad you joined us,” he says with a smile and a slight twinge of a Midwestern drawl. “Today we’re going to be talking about something that is very common in the beef industry. Stay tuned, we’re going to have a great show.”


The cost of changing or not changing

Readers of this article likely read popular press articles or attend educational meetings where Dr. Gary Bates, Dr. Justin Rhinehart, Dr. Lew Strickland, or others introduce new ideas and practices that could benefit cattle producers. None of the three specialists specifically named write those articles or conduct those meetings to hear themselves talk. All three educators truly want to see beef cattle producers improve production efficiencies, profitability, and become better stewards of available resources. They know helping improve a person’s operation will help improve the beef cattle herd across the state which is one of their goals.

Cow/Calf Producer

Designing a Bud Box

It is often said "If you can work cattle together, you can do anything together." We have all had a stressful chuteside experience, but have you investigated ways to better handle your cattle? As you prepare to wean calves, preg-check cows, and give fall booster vaccinations, you should consider looking into the "Bud Box."

Cow/Calf Producer

Shrink and its meaning to cattlemen

I believe that shrink is a concept that isn’t fully understood by many people in the cattle industry. Simply put, shrink refers to weight loss during transport. However; how it occurs, what it does to cattle and the effect it has at the feedlot isn’t so simple.


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