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Cow/Calf Producer

Data analysis provides value for receiving stockers

During the course of conducting grazing research at the Noble Foundation, we routinely receive and "straighten out" stocker cattle. Many of these cattle are sourced from sale barns and would be considered to be at high risk for contracting bovine respiratory disease (BRD, also known as shipping fever). In the fall of 2006 and 2007, we received 858 such cattle and tracked their performance and cost on an individual animal basis through our receiving program.

Cow Calf

Important aspects of reduced-lignin alfalfa

Farm magazines are stressing the importance of reduced-lignin alfalfas and how they might benefit the farmer’s operation. However, more details are needed on how they perform in terms of yield and quality, particularly in different geographical regions of the US.


Meat of the Matter: GMO — OMG!

Turns out that ‘The Science Guy’ revised his opinion of genetic engineering (to a positive take) after a sit-down with — of all people — a bunch of scientists! Who could have predicted that?


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