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Cow-nutrition basics

During the recent Cattlemen’s College at the Cattle Industry Convention in San Diego, Clay Mathis, PhD, director and endowed chair at Texas A&M’s, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, discussed the importance of protein in maintaining cow condition and some basics for determining supplementation levels.

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Producers focus on herd sire selection

Spring breeding season has arrived, and many cattle producers are likely thinking about selecting their next herd sire. This one decision could affect their profitability drastically, and with the stress of calving season, it is easy to get lost in sire information and make an investment that could be detrimental to the bottom line.


Cattle Outlook: U.S. herd has grown

The January cattle inventory survey said the U.S. herd has grown for the second consecutive year. According to USDA, the country started 2016 with 92 million cattle and calves, up 3.2% from a year earlier and the most cattle at the start of a year since 2011. The 3.2% increase is the biggest annual inventory increase since 1974. USDA lowered their estimate of the January 2015 cattle inventory by 657,000 head.

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What method of bidding you prefer when you can’t make it to a production sale in person?


Malheur and the Whiskey Rebellion

That Oregon incident; was it a first attempt at a modern day Boston Tea Party or the failed (again) repeat of the Whiskey Rebellion? Certainly the debate about the wisdom of the armed action will be debated for a long time.

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Assisting the backwards calf

Any cow calf producer that has spent several years in the cattle business has had the experience of assisting a cow or heifer deliver a calf that was coming backwards. Understanding the physiology and anatomy of the calf and mother will improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.


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