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Advice And Tips

Browse our wealth of news and information for advice and tips on topics ranging from baby calf health to pasture and rangeland.

Advice and Tips

Ranch succession-planning series: Define compensation and responsibilities, Part II

From part two of our four-part ranch succession-planning series. “Almost everyone I work with in agriculture fights formality, and by that, I mean defining a job description,” Dave Specht, founder of Advising Generations LLC, says. “Most family-business stakeholders have a ‘do whatever it takes to get the job done’ type work ethic because their operation depends on it. While that attitude is essential, it isn’t concrete enough to provide the structure needed.”

Advice and Tips

Ranch succession-planning series: Define compensation and responsibilities, Part I

From part two of our four-part ranch succession-planning series. Put yourself in this scenario: The phone rings. On the line is a job offer and the pitch goes like this: “Hi, we have a job available. There is plenty of work to be done, but we don’t exactly know where you’ll fit in yet. We might be able to give you some vacation time, but it is going to depend on a lot of factors. You’ll get paid, but we’ll figure that out when you get here. One last thing — we’re going to need you to put in a lot of overtime.”

Cow/Calf Producer

Spend a little- save a lot

One of the great things about being a specialist with The University of Tennessee is it provides the opportunity to help producers in their operations.  I feel very blessed to have a job in which I present research-based recommendations to producers to help their profitability.  But if you have very listened to one of my presentations, you may have realized that we have more recommendations than you can actually have time to accomplish.  And not just time, but if you start adding up the cost of all our recommendations, nobody can spend your money like I can.  It is all a matter of prioriti

Pasture and Rangeland

Profitable beef pastures need legumes

Forage legume species such as red or white clover, birdsfoot trefoil, and alfalfa are important plant contributors to productivity and quality of beef pastures in the Upper Midwest and elsewhere.

Cow/Calf Producer

BQA issues for the beef cow-calf producer

Beef cow-calf producers have consistently improved the quality of beef from cull cows and bulls. Over the past two decades the beef industry has conducted quality assurance audits for cull cows and bulls. Every concern has been addressed and producers have decreased quality defects of most quality measures.


From really wet to very dry, what's left in your pastures?

How quickly things can change here in Ohio! Not much longer than a month ago, while I was moving cattle from one paddock to another, I was amazed at how wet it was for the middle of July. It seemed more like early March weather because it was really muddy when I put the cows through a gate into a new paddock. I don't ever remember my livestock pugging paddocks in July before, but there was some this year.

Cow/Calf Producer

Preparing for fall calves and football

Just like the Bulldogs will have a busy August practicing for football season, Mississippi farmers who fall calve should make necessary changes to prepare for calving season.


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