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(IN $)
American Angus Assn./ Certified Angus
Beef LLC
Steve Suther • (785) 889-4162 •
High-quality Angus Upper 2⁄3 Ch, Pr, 10–16-in. REA, <1,000 lbs., <1” bf None CAB Natural option $40/HEAD Licensees in 16 U.S. states, but open to all, nationwide

Licensees in 16 U.S. states, but open to all, nationwide Description of program: Premiums to owners of finished cattle sold to licensed packers. AngusSource® tagged or 51% black hided eligible for evaluation on 10 carcass specifications. “Supplying the Brand” and “Best Practices Manual” available.

Angus GeneNet Dr. Ken Conway • (913) 397-9100 All

Se , ≤3.9

$3–$7/hd: depending on data collected

None $23.85/head U.S. MARKETING ALLIANCE OPEN TO ALL PRODUCERS Goal: increase profitability of quality cattle, data collection and networking.
AngusSource - American Angus Association Sara Snider • (816) 383-5100 •



$50 enrollment fee, $1/hd visual tag.  $3.25 RFID matched-pair

NA U.S. USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) for Angus-sired calves which documents source, age and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. Available for both ranches and feedyards. Provides marketing support for cow-calf producers and fed cattle. Supplies approved “Angus” beef product lines.
Born & Raised in the USA® Carolyn Carey • (866) 564-2370 • All NA NA 0.50/hd Call for information NA VERIFICATION SYSTEM and Country of Origin Label for U.S. beef and other
protein sources.
BUB Ranch Beef Alliance Don Bush • Holly Meyer • (417) 867-3336 • (417) 280-0370 •
BUB-sired cattle NA
NA NA TX ALLIANCE FOR BUB-SIRED CALVES. Aligned with Joplin Regional Stockyards and Flintrock Feeders, Gruver. Texas.
Cactus Feeders Paul Colman • (806) 373-2333 • Mostly English/Exotic cross and crossbreds with less than ¼ Brahma NA NA None NA TX, KS Seeks to identify quality cattle to buy; assist retained ownership programs; collect carcass data.
Cargill Cattle Feeders Sharing Total Added Value (STAV) Tana Baker • (316) 291-1974 50% British, ≤18.75% Brahman Yield Grade: High Se None $22/head TX, KS, CO

CCF STAV Beef Alliance is designed to allow producers to participate in the value creation process through the entire beef production system with out retaining ownership to help coordinate the genetic/management improvement process.

Certified Hereford Beef LLC

Jim Williams • (308) 222-0170 •

Hereford Se, Ch None $24.75 + Source & Age U.S. BRANDED BEEF, PRODUCER–CONSUMER. To market feeder cattle, call Herfnet at (866) 437-3638.
Charolais GeneNet Dr. Ken Conway • (913) 397-9100 • 50% Charolais >Se <3.9 $3–$7/hd: depending on data collected None $23.85/head U.S. MARKETING ALLIANCE OPEN TO ALL PRODUCERS Goal: Increase profitability of quality cattle, data collection and networking.
Consolidated Beef Producers Bruce Cobb • (806) 655-8955 • All NA NA 1-time membership fee plus per/hd marketing fee None NA TX, KS, OK, CO, NM, NE, WY, IA, SD, MN Fed-cattle marketing co-op with more than 2 million head committed.
Cooperative Beef
W. Altenburg • (970) 568-7881 • T. Davis • (800) 548-0040 D. Dorn • (888) 675-2212 • J. Young (800) 858-4330 All 50% ³Ch ³3 No cost for entry Variable Oberlin, KS VERTICAL COOPERATION Four of the beef industry’s leading technology companies are combining superior genetics, age and source verification and advanced management technologies to capture the most net dollars for your cattle.
Country Natural Beef® Don Probert • (541) 473-3355 •
All High Se, Low Ch
YG 1,2
Membership NA OR Rancher-owned from birth USDA-certified. Requires third-party food alliance certification.
Creekstone Farms
Premium Beef
C. Ryan Meyer • (620) 741-3100 • Black Angus Choice and Prime None $100/hd Central U.S. Vertically coordinated branded beef company offering three different marketing programs: conventionally fed source and age verified program, “never-ever” all-natural program, and non-hormone treated cattle (NHTC) program.
Decatur Feedyards Kevin Unger • (888) 675-2212 • No dairy Ch, Se 2, 3 $5–$9/hd for complete feedlot/carcass data Varies KS RETAINED OWNERSHIP AND PARTNERSHIPS. We manage cattle individually, utilizing electronics to optimize cattle performance and maximize grid payout. Age- and source-verification program using EID since 1994.
Five Star Cattle
Systems, Inc. LLC
Alan Sears • (970) 612-1571 British, British X Continental steers and heifers. Black and 50% Angus Ch 2,3 $0 enroll/fdyrd/group data. Individual data: $2 Full carcass data: $5 □■ QSA, chain of custody, BQA Confidential CO, TX, KS, OK, ID Five Star Cattle Systems offers genetics, expanded marketing opportunities and QSA program for Source (SV) and Age (AV).
Gelbvieh Profit Partners LLC

Slim Cook • (307) 272-2024 •
Wayne Vandervent • (303) 465-2333

Smart Cross,
Gelbvieh X Angus or Gelbvieh X Red Angus
Ch 2 None Use of Gelbvieh genetics Varies Several Gelbvieh Profit Partners seeks investment from interested parties, purchases Gelbvieh-influenced feeder cattle and partners with several feedlots.
Golden Valley Natural Robert Stirling • (208) 227-9000 All, prefer Angus base ³Ch 1, 2, 3 None NA ID, NE, CA VERTICAL INTEGRATION Producer/feedlot/packer. Specializing in value-added
products, branded beef, retained ownership.
Laura’s Lean Beef Co. Scott Coakley/Don Knore • (800) ITS-LEAN •
Most exotics Low Se 1.4 None ■◊ ◙ Call for information All regions FORWARD CONTRACT AVAILABLE on lean, heavy-muscled cattle raised all naturally without antibiotics or growth hormones.
Maverick Ranch Natural Meats Marty Helm • (303) 294-0146 • Salers and
Continental Cross
Se, Ch 1, 2 None Variable North and NE CO BRANDED BEEF, PRODUCER-CONSUMER Source-verified on feed minimum 100 days. Includes lines of natural, organic and grass-fed beef.
Meyer Natural Angus

Blake Angell • (785) 410-3750

Natural red and black angus Ch, =3 None ■◊ Variable


Utilizing the best Red and Black angus genetics to supply the increasing demand for humanely raised Natural beef. No antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. Premiums determined by carcass quality.
MFA Health Track Beef Alliance Daniel Schafer • (573) 876-5261 •
All feeder cattle NA NA None ■ ◊ ♠
Vac 45, PVP
$60/Hd NA MFA Health Track is an approved provider of age- and source-verified feeder calves through AgInfoLink’s USDA-approved PVP, RFID + Visual ID, Vac 45 processing, Standard Nutrition required.
Missouri Verified Beef Brad White, D.V.M. • (785) 410-5564 •
Dan Goehl, D.V.M. • (573) 288-3817 •
Most (no dairy, excessive Brahman) Se, Ch 1, 2, 3 Call for information ■ ◊ ♠   NA COW-CALF PRODUCERS COOPERATIVE Source, age, preconditioned, BQA verified. Collection and utilization of feedlot and carcass performance data to improve profitability.
Montana Ranch Brand

Jake Eshelman • (406) 294-2333

British, Continental High Se,
Low Ch £3.3
none ◊ ♠ ◙ NA IA, KS, NE, MN, MT OPTION TO RETAIN OWNERSHIP USDA source- and process-verified program, paying premiums and providing data to producers.
NEMO Premier Beef Marketers Imogene Latimer • (573) 439-5283 •
Bob Vannoy • (573) 633-2262 •
At least 50% Angus Select 1,2,3
Call for information ■◊ ◙ NA Open to bids Option to retain ownership, USDA source and process verified program, paying premiums and providing data to producers.
Nolan Ryan’s All Natural Tender Aged Beef Coy Meyring • (806) 457-1389 • All, prefer Bos Indicus Se 1, 2 None Program Specific See company Web site TX GUARANTEED TENDER BEEF. Producer to consumer, USDA-Certified.
Oregon Country Beef/ Country Natural Beef® Don Probert • (541) 473-3355 • All High Se, Low Ch 1, 2 Membership ◊ ♠ ◙ NA OR Rancher-owned from birth to retail USDA-certified, branded beef program. Requires third-party food alliance certification.
Painted Hills Natural Beef Mehrten Homer • (541) 763-2333 • Open to English, prefer Angus, Angus cross Ch 1, 2, 3 None ◊ ♠ ◙ $90–$100/head OR, WA A natural beef program offering retained ownership to producers. Requiring producer certification animals are never exposed to any antibiotics, any hormones, and any animal bi-products. A quality program offering consumers Choice Grade beef.
Panorama Meats Inc. Wayne Langston • (530) 253-1193 •
Angus-based NA
Part of Western Ranchers Beef Cert. Prem. Program ◙ ♠ Set annually above market NA GRASS-FED BEEF. The nation's largest year-round grass-fed beef marketer, Independently certified by Western Ranchers Beef Coop. Born & Raised in the USA.
Performance Plus® Retained Owner Alliance Dr. Don Cain Jr. • (888) 269-8387 All Ch, Se 1, 2 12/hd ◊ ♠
MSI scan
$41/head NE RETAINED OWNERSHIP. MSI digital scanning and managmeent, flexible grids, complete carcass data. Oldest alliance in Nebraska.
Performance Plus® Sale Barn Alliance® Dr. Don Cain Jr. • (888) 269-8387 All NA
4.50–12/hd $4.50–$12/hd No limitations SALE BARN MARKETING. MSI digital scanning and sorting, ID, health and source
verified. No retained ownership required to get carcass data.
Piedmont Cattle Marketing Assn. Phil Slay • (334) 864-0407 • Angus, Angus crossbreds NA 1.25/hd ◊ ♠ NA NA WEANED AND CONDITIONED. Alabama calves preconditioned, weaned, vaccination
program and bunk-broke and sold at auction.
PM Beef Group’s Ranch to Retail™ John Hagerla • (830) 377-0500 • No Bos indicus or dairy influence Perfer Ch 1, 2 No cost; 3/hd $30/hd SD, NE, IA, MN, IL (cert. fdyrds.) OPTION FOR RETAINED OWNERSHIP/OUT-FRONT PRICING Following USDA Process
Verified Program guidelines. Source-verified, vitamin E fed, guaranteed tender, aged product.
Power Genetics Jason Anderson • (800) 283-2806• All (no dairy, excessive Brahman) >65% 1 & 2 NA ◊ ♠ NA NE, CO, KS USDA PROCESS VERIFIED Passport Program® for purchasing high-quality, ranch-verified cattle
Premium Gold Angus Ron Vanderboon • (616) 361-2808 (office) • (616) 485-4257 (cell) 50% or more Angus genetics Ch 1-4 No cost BQA certified $20–$40/hd IA, IL, MN, ND, NE, SD, WI PROGRAM FOR COW/CALF PRODUCERS and/or small- to medium-sized feedyards producing a high percentage of Choice Angus cattle.
Pure Country Black Angus Beef Ron Vanderboon • (616) 361-2808 (office) • (616) 485-4257 (cell) 50% Black Angus genetically. No implants, no antibiotics Ch 1–4 $0–$6/hd ■ ◊ ◙ $65–$85/hd IA, IL, MN, ND, NE, SD, WI SOURCE VERIFICATION Cattle are harvested in Green Bay, Wis.
Red Angus FCCP (Feeder Calf Certification Program) Mikalena Randazzo • (940) 387-3502
Red Angus Ch £3.9 99 cents /hd with no enrollment fee Documentation of Red Angus genetic inputs, and date of first calf born. +/- $3.50 per cwt (source: cattlefax analysis of AVS cattle selling on Superior Livestock Auction) See Web site - - marketing/approved feedyards USDA Process Verified Program providing Source Verification, traceability to Red Angus, and Group Age verification. Provides marketing options for cow-calf producers, cattle feeders with no enrollment fee. Supplies approved “Angus” beef product lines.
7070 Beef Dr. Jerry Lipsey • (406) 587-4531 •
Mark Guge • (515) 231-6849 •
Continental-British cross Premium for YG1 & YG2 $4-$8 depending on carcass data requested None currently $36.73/hd, Sourced: $48.84/hd U.S. Alliance to producers in partnership with Two River Cattle, LLC and JBS Swift, providing premiums for high quality grades as well as premiums for high cutability YG1 and YG2 cattle. Also premiums for Source- and age-verified (PVP) cattle.
South Ozarks Premier Beef Marketers Al Vance • (417) 256-7460 Major beef breeds, no dairy, < 25% Brahman Ch, Se 1, 2 $10/hd + $20/year membership pre-vac and vac $40/hd KS, IA, NE, OK, TX VALUE ADDED, SOURCE IDENTIFIED. Small- to mid-sized cow-calf operations wean, precondition similar genetics, co-mingle for 60-day backgrounding, market uniform, healthy, semi-load lots.
Stevenson Basin Darrell Stevenson • (406) 423-5700 •
Angus and Red Angus NA NA Active bull customer Stevenson Basin genetics NA Non-restricted SEEDSTOCK SOURCE for Angus and Red Angus genetics. Working with our bull customers to supply high quality genetics and value to progressive feedyards and branded beef programs.
Tallgrass Beef Co.

Ron Ladner, Cattle Procurement • (877) 822-8283

>=75% British influence Quality grade CH-SE
Yield grade 1,2,3
$8/head ■◊ ◙ $80/head NA TALLGRASS BEEF CO. partners with producers of high quality, grass-fed and -finished cattle raised under specific protocols.
Two River Cattle LLC Mark Guge • (515) 231-6849 All Premium for yg1 & yg2 $4-$8, depending on carcass data requested None currently Non Sourced: $31.43/head. Sourced & Age: $56.30/head U.S. Alliance to producers in partnership with JBS Swift providing premiums for high quality grades as well as premiums for high cutability YG1 and YG2 cattle. Also premiums for source- and age-verified (PVP) cattle.
U.S. Premium
Beef Ltd.
Tracy Thomas • (866) 877-2525 • All, except high % Bos indicus <3.9 Must own or lease delivery rights None $30.95 per head in fiscal 2009 U.S.

Producer-owned beef marketing company that owns National Beef Packing Co., LLC, which gives unit holders the opportunity to share in the processing company’s profits.

Verified Beef

Andy Kellom • (406) 922-2333•


$3/hd for Source/Age, $6/hd for carcass Data

$2/cwt U.S.

Verified Beef provides ranch forward source and age verification and carcass data tracking. Now also offering NHTC, Never Ever 3 Natural and GrassFed verificatio.

Western Ranchers Beef Coop Carolyn Carey • (530) 233-2334 Not breed specific NA
1-time membership fee + minimal program cost Program Specific Call for information NA OPEN COOP with VOLUNTARY PROGRAM PARTICIPATION Management guaranteed for all-natural program (includes Born & Raised in the USA®).
Wyoming Verified program-Wyoming Business Council John Henn • (307) 777-2847 Feeder cattle non-breed specific NA
RFID tag + $.75 per head for age & source/Non for other marketing claims Specific to verified claim Depending on market NA WYOMING STATE PROGRAM providing age, source, natural, calf nutrition, and BVD-PI Free verification for Wyoming produced feeder cattle



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