The power of selection by utilizing Expected Progeny Differences (EPD’s), provide breeders of Akaushi reliable predictors of an animal’s true and potential genetic merit. 

While expanding from the original Fullblood Akaushi females and bulls imported  from Japan, the American Akaushi breed registry now contains over 60,000 recorded animals consisting of both breeding and terminal stock. Most importantly, each of those recorded animals have been source verified by DNA.  

The steadfast growth of the Akaushi breed along with the detailed recorded performances of every new generation have improved substantially because of the implementation of Whole Herd Reporting which began in 2011. The online Akaushi database today offers breeders the ability to choose from a proven and varied selection of EPD’s quickly and easily.

Akaushi breeders utilizing maternal reproductive traits can select from two important EPD areas.  Calving Ease Direct (CED) predicts the probability of calves being born unassisted out of two year old heifers and Calving Ease Maternal (CEM) predicts the probability of a given animal’s daughters to calve unassisted at 2 years of age. 

Performance EPD’s for Akaushi breeders include: Birth Weight (BW), Weaning Weight (WW), Yearling Weight (YW), Maternal Milk, (Milk) and Total Maternal (TM).  

Bubba Bain, Executive Director of The American Akaushi Association, said, “our breeders are excited to have this database of recorded performances to help guide them through their breeding decisions. It may have taken a few years to create, but now it only takes seconds for breeders to put EPD’s in their program for more profitable results.”

The increased emphasis placed on the end product by the Beef industry proves that carcass EPD’s are significantly important. The American Akaushi Association now provides Carcass EPD’s in the areas of Marbling and Intramuscular FAT EPD (MARB), Yield Grade (YG), Carcass Weight (CW), Ribeye Area (REA) and Fat Thickness (FAT).

“All the EPD’s we have in place now are genetic predictions that directly impact producer profitability. Incorporating and utilizing these EPD’s will give Akaushi Breeders the opportunity to demand premiums above any they have ever received. We are a breed driven by consistency in the feedyard, at the packer level and especially for the consumer. We are all about the Beef!,” Bain said.

For more information about American Akaushi Association, visit  or contact Bubba Bain, Executive Director at 830/540-3912.