AgriLabs announced that is has aligned with ImmuCell Corporation for the development, sales, and marketing of certain current and future products featuring ImmuCell’s First Defense bolus. The arrangement bolsters ImmuCell’s ability to reach more calves with First Defense products and fits AgriLabs business model of collaborating with companies who can benefit from a broad reach sales and marketing organization such as AgriLabs.

To augment its core vaccine capabilities, AgriLabs continues to expand its value to the food animal market by adding science-backed neonatal and young calf care products from innovative partners.

First Defense is a USDA-approved product prepared from hyperimmune bovine colostrum that reduces morbidity and mortality from neonatal calf scours by providing specific neutralizing antibodies against bovine coronavirus and K99+ E. coli . The dried colostral antibodies quickly afford Immediate Immunity™, thereby reducing scours-related morbidity and mortality.

AgriLabs neonatal and young calf products are available from AgriLabs distributors and local dealers.

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