BouMatic is offering a course on milking system evaluation at its BouMatic Veterinarian Academy on two remaining dates in 2011. The course is an all new 2.5-day seminar that will expand your knowledge on current milking system test protocols, evaluation of milking system performance and global impact of pending 400,000 SCC legislation.

Session dates are May 24-26 and Nov. 8-10. Each seminar is limited to 18 dairy veterinarians and each session will provide the highest level of interaction and hands-on training.

In this valuable seminar you will:

  • Review all current industry testing recommendations
  • Understand milking machine function and its relationship to clinical mastitis
  • Review and evaluate milking system reports
  • Analyze and evaluate milking performance data
  • Help your dairy producers improve milk quality and production

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your milking system knowledge. Course fee is just $495. For more information, e-mail