What follows are tips for beef cattle for March from the nutritionists and consultants at Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc., Eagle, Neb. www.gplc-inc.com

  • Scrape snow from pens and keep aprons and approaches smooth.
  • Place cows on a high-mag mineral.
  • Be ready to put up shades in feedlot pens.
  • Target a BCS of 5-5.5 on mature cows and 5.5-6 on heifers at calving.
  • Be sure to adjust cow nutrition to match requirements as they calve.
  • Decide which implant you will use on calves.
  • Semen check bulls.
  • Haul as much manure as possible out of pens.  
  • Corn is too expensive to feed to parasites -- deworm your livestock.