BCF Technology offers these tips for caring for your ultrasound equipment:

1. Goggle Lens Cleaning – the lenses on your goggle should be treated like prescription eye glasses. You should always clean them with a non-abrasive cloth that will not scratch your lenses. Scratches on your lenses may affect the ultrasound image you see. Most goggles have replacement lenses available for purchase.

2. Battery Charge – to maintain the optimal battery charge, completely deplete the charge from your batteries before charging them again.

3. Probe – your probe should always be stored in loose coils. Wrapping in tight coils can leave permanent kinks that can affect the life of your probe.

4. Dr. Bob Steiner, DVM from Lodi Veterinary Hospital in Wisconsin “I have made a simple dabber to swab the monocular lens when it fogs. I take a 12 cc syringe pull it apart and tape it back together with plunger facing one way and tip of syringe barrel the other way. I then simply rubber band some tissue or soft paper toweling to the plunger end. You can put this apparatus in your breast pocket and simply "dab" the lens when it fogs.”

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