“Understanding and Using Feed Analyses” and “Evaluating Feed Additives” will be AABP-AVC pre-conference Seminars 8A and 8B, Tuesday, Aug. 17 (8A) and Wednesday, Aug. 18 (8B), at the AABP-AVC meeting in Albuquerque, N.M.

The objectives of the feed analyses seminar (8A) are to discuss qualitative and quantitative aspects of current feed analyses, in order to better utilize this information as it is applied to rumen modeling programs for ration formulation and evaluation. This seminar is for anyone who formulates rations, evaluates existing rations, or just wants to learn more about the input side of dairy nutrition.

Ralph Ward of Cumberland Valley Analytical Services, and Paul Sirois, of Dairy One, will take us step by step through the current methodologies, their respective limitations, and their implied significance, as well as look at what new technologies in characterizing feed inputs are under development. In concert with this, Dr. Mike Van Amburgh from Cornell University will be on hand to describe the appropriate application of this data to contemporary ration modeling programs.

The objective of Seminar 8B on evaluating feed additives is to build on the skills used to evaluate feed additives and how to give solid recommendations to clients.

The seminar will focus on how to make decisions concerning feed additives based on testimonials, sales literature, on farm research, university research, peer reviewed research, meta analysis and more. Participants will learn what kind of data is necessary and how much data is necessary. Half of the day will consist of case studies looking at specific feed additives and applying the decision making processes learned in the morning. The faculty will include individuals with expertise in feed additives, research, statistics, sales tactics, and practical decision making.

View a full description and registration information at www.aabp.org. Pre-registration ends July 15.