AABP Seminars 4A and 4B, "Basic Beef Cattle Nutrition" and "Beef Cattle Nutrition — Intermediate," will take place Monday, Aug. 16, at the AABP-AVC meeting in Albuquerque, N.M.

The objective of “Basic Beef Cattle Nutrition” is to introduce ruminant nutrition principles to practitioners and veterinary technicians interested in learning more about beef cattle nutrition and its application to cow-calf practice. Topics will expose the practitioner to the essential components of cow-calf nutrition, including: rumen function; forage analysis and its impact on the bottom line (cow performance and profitability); reading feed tags for profit; mineral nutrition and its role in immunity; role and economics of supplements and specialty products. Forage testing and numbers interpretation will be demonstrated and a case study used to integrate presented information.

“Beef Cattle Nutrition – Intermediate” will provide more detailed information on the application of beef cattle nutrition for the cow-calf practitioner and veterinary technician. This seminar will focus on the application of information presented in the previous basic nutrition seminar by utilizing the BRaNDS beef cattle nutrition program. A brief overview of rumen function highlighting aspects of protein and carbohydrate nutrition will provide an introduction to understanding ration formulation principles. Case studies will be used to demonstrate the BRaNDS nutrition program in formulating rations for your clients. Examples will show herds where nutritional consultation has saved the client thousands of dollars/year in total feed cost while adding to the bottom line of the veterinary practice. You will have an opportunity to purchase the BRaNDS program at the time of the seminar or at a later date. The program will be loaded on your laptop. There is a limited number of extra computers if you do not have one; contact the seminar coordinator.

Participants may enroll in both seminars for a reduced total cost ($400). Pre-registration ends July 15.

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