This year an exciting new award will celebrate the rich tradition of production veterinary medicine and will recognize a beef and a dairy veterinarian who have contributed a lifetime of service to the profession. The Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame is an award sponsored by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, the Academy of Veterinary Consultants, Bovine Veterinarian and Osborn & Barr public relations firm.

Six bovine veterinarians who represent more than 150 years of service to the cattle veterinary profession have been nom-inated for the award.

Nominated Hall of Fame veterinarians

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The three beef cattle veterinarians nominated for the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame include:

Dr. John Herrick, an Iowa State University graduate who practiced large-animal medicine before joining the ISU faculty and spending 35 years as a professor of veterinary clinical science and was an Extension veterinarian.

Dr. Dan Upson, a Kansas State University graduate who practiced for seven years and went on to a 35-year tenure at KSU, teaching pharmacology and serving as a section leader in veterinary Extension.

Dr. Don Williams, a Texas A&M University graduate who practiced 18 years in Texas and Oklahoma, then as a veterinarian for Hitch Enterprises and feedlot management for the Henry C. Hitch Feedlot.

The three dairy veterinarians nominated for the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame include:

Dr. Harold Amstutz, a graduate of The Ohio State University who practiced in Ohio then went on to be an instructor and veterinary department chair at The Ohio State University, then veterinary department chair and head of the Large Animal Medicine Section at Purdue University.

Dr. Ken Leslie, a graduate of the University of Guelph who entered dairy practice in Ontario then returned to the University of Guelph, focusing on mastitis control, reproductive management and the field application of veterinary epidemiology.

Dr. Bennie Osburn, a Kansas State University graduate, held positions as associate dean for Research and Graduate Education and director of the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center in Tulare, Calif., and went on to serve as dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine for University of California, Davis.

The voting process

All AABP and AVC members are eligible to vote for one beef and one dairy veterinarian. Voting began in April and will continue until Aug. 5, 2011, either in person at AVC’s summer conference, August 4–6, in Colorado Springs, Colo., or online at and

The two inductees will be honored at the AABP annual conference in St. Louis, Mo. at the Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health-sponsored banquet Sept. 24, 2011.

This is the first award of its kind for beef and dairy veterinarians, and I encourage all AABP and AVC members to vote for these very special candidates who have contributed so much to the bovine veterinary profession.


A critical decimal point was left out of a figure in the 2011 March/April Bovine Veterinarian editorial column “The Milk Sampling Situation”. Under the subhead FDA’s concerns, it should read: Although only 7.7% of the cattle slaughtered in the United States are adult dairy cattle, they represent 67% of the tissue residue violations reported by USDA’s FSIS.

Bovine Veterinarian regrets the error.