The Food Animal Residue Avoidance and Depletion Program (FARAD) has three portals of access depending upon information being sought.

Approved drug database

FARAD maintains an independent database of USA approved veterinary drugs. This is accessible via VetGRAM. The database contains data derived from Federal Register notices and FOI packets. These are kept current including information on a drug’s marketing status.

An alternative format is FARAD-ON-CD which is an annual subscription with quarterly updates. It consists of total and species specific compendiums with the same information as VetGRAM. These compendia are in PDF format, can be loaded on laptops and are searchable. Details of the CD subscription are attached to this newsletter and your order can be entered through a link at the FARAD Web site.

ELDU withdrawal help

Veterinarians seeking advice on withdrawal intervals for their client’s animals when extralabel drug use (ELDU) is involved can contact FARAD using either the FARAD hotline online access ( or the toll-free phone line, 888-US-FARAD. Most veterinarians find the on-line system easier as it prompts for all information needed for the quickest response. Using the phone system usually entails one or more follow-up calls. Either way, it is helpful to have the drug bottle or label in hand when contacting FARAD.

Please remember that ELDU is regulated by AMDUCA and that FARAD can only provide veterinarians with actual withdrawal intervals when the ELDU was within a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship and the health of an animal is threatened or suffering or death may result from failure to treat. While FARAD wants to provide help as much as possible, it is bound not to encourage or promote ELDU.

Subscriptions can be ordered on the FARAD Web site.