Today, more than ever, public perception has a major affect on the demand for beef. Although most cows are harvested in good health and physical condition, there are exceptions. The new Caring for Compromised Cattle manual and poster are aimed at producers to assist them with improving the condition of cattle on the farm prior to marketing. The materials were developed using Beef Checkoff dollars and are available at no charge to producers and veterinarians. The information was a collaboration between the Iowa Beef Industry Council, Iowa Beef Center and the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association.

The 21-page booklet includes information and color photographs for body condition scoring beef and dairy cattle, BQA marketing code of ethics, steps to prevent compromised animals, transportation of animals and definitions.

The poster includes decision-making steps and descriptions to prevent downer cows (prevention, observation, treatment, separation, transport and euthanasia). It also describes which are transport or downer candidates, and recommendations on handling downer cattle.

For more information on how to care for compromised cattle or to order a free Caring for Compromised Cattle manual and poster, call (515) 296-2305 or e-mail