Happy anniversary Bovine Veterinarian! This issue celebrates 15 years of covering beef and dairy veterinary medicine and featuring the veterinarians who are doing it day-in and day-out. I’ll admit, I was scared to death putting my first issue of Bovine Veterinarian together as I had no magazine experience, but instead had a science-based educational background (and a lifetime of being a vet’s daughter) that I combined with a journalism degree. Fifteen years ago I though the first issue of Bovine Veterinarian may very well have been its last when we debuted at AABP in Albuquerque in 1993.

Maybe that first issue parallels the experience a new food-animal veterinary graduate feels when taking a new job that seems pretty overwhelming at first. Over time you get the hang of it and though you become increasingly busy, you learn how to organize, budget your available hours and make the most of your time. I’ve seen many of you do that over the years and have learned to do it myself.

And you learn to have fun within the profession. I’ve enjoyed countless visits to feedlots, dairies, ranches, clinics, veterinary schools and conferences where I don’t just see potential interview subjects, but I get to see good friends in the food-animal community. I’ve been to exciting meeting locations such as Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Hawaii and Mexico. Other visits with veterinarians have allowed me to help out and have fun at a branding, a round-up or even the Great American Cattle Drive ’95 where I could put my personal equine hobbies to good use. 

A fresh new look

To celebrate our 15 years, we’ve given Bovine Veterinarian  a new look beginning with this issue. We’ve tweaked the design through time little by little, but after almost 120 issues it was time for a design overhaul. The content will remain the same  —  features on beef and dairy medicine, case studies, practices tips, etc., but the pages and the typeface will look cleaner, more contemporary and, hopefully to you the reader, more visually appealing.

Don’t be alarmed  —  aside from this special anniversary issue, you’ll still find a bovine veterinarian on every cover (each cover suitable for framing or for dart board purposes…). My goal over the last decade and a half has been to put a face on bovine medicine. I’ve featured some great experts and a few characters (you know who you are). But I can’t think of more deserving people to feature on a magazine cover than those who are helping put food on our table and caring for our livestock.

The three cover photos on this page give you an idea of our progression  —  and the tiniest of sneak peeks of what the regular cover going forward in October will look like. In the near future we’ll also be bringing you some exciting web-based products  —  so stay tuned.

If you’re at AABP in Charlotte, please stop by the Bovine Veterinarian booth and join us in our celebration. If not, then I’m sure I’ll see you down the road on a farm or at a conference and I’ll have my notebook and camera at the ready…

Next issue: October 2008