In early 2009 Bovine Veterinarian sent out an online survey to members of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the Academy of Veterinary Consultants listserves. The purpose of the survey was to ask beef and dairy veterinarians how they and their clients were adjusting to these tough economic times including strategies for cost reduction as well as revenue-generation.

The next four issues of Bovine Veterinarian will examine this feedback from the bovine veterinary community, and will feature beef and dairy veterinarians from around the country and how they are positioning themselves during this economic downturn.

4-part Bovine Veterinarian economics series
The first article, "Riding out the storm," (May 2009) outlines some of the survey results, with subsequent articles exploring the information in more depth.

The second article, "Helping clients in a bear market", (July-August 2009) uncovers what beef and dairy clients are doing to cut costs, and what their veterinarians are doing to help.

The third article, "Edge of the Blade" (September 2009) discusses what beef and dairy veterinarians are doing to cut costs in their practices.

The fourth article, "Being up in a down market," (October 2009), discusses how beef and dairy veterinarians have found ways to cut costs at their practices, while also looking for ways to increase revenues during these trying financial times.