The USDA has approved Titanium® 5 L5 and Master Guard® 10 vaccines from AgriLabs as an aid in preventing disease caused by Leptospira borgpetersenii hardjo-bovis in beef and dairy cattle. Leptospira, which often infect calves at a young age and easily spread within herds, ultimately can cause reproductive failure and significant economic loss. Now producers can vaccinate cattle that are not pregnant or nursing with Titanium 5 L5, and all cattle 5 months of age or older with Master Guard 10, to protect against this costly organism.

Once cattle have L. hardjo, which colonizes in the kidneys and reproductive tract, they can shed the organism in urine, placental fluids, milk and other infected fluids for weeks to months after infection. As herdmates come in contact with these fluids — or even contaminated water or small cuts in the skin of infected animals — infections can spread quickly.

Because cattle themselves are L. hardjo-bovis carriers and even calves can be a host when born, vaccination is the most commonly used method for control and prevention. The goals of an effective vaccination protocol are to provide long-lasting immunity, prevent clinical signs, and prevent renal colonization and urinary shedding.

Both Titanium and Master Guard vaccines are available exclusively from AgriLabs distributors. The newly labeled Titanium 5 L5 HB is packaged in convenient five-, 10- and 25-dose boxes, and Master Guard 10 HB is available in 10- and 25-dose boxes.

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