Novus International Inc. has introduced the BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program. With greater bioavailability, BioOptimized Trace Minerals "are so effective at mineral delivery that beef producers can use less mineral product and have less mineral waste through loss in excretion without sacrificing any performance expectations," the company said.

Novus proposed a three-step plan for beef producers to use less mineral:

1. Reduce current inclusion levels of inorganic trace minerals.

2. Replace minerals with Novus BioOptimized Trace Minerals: MINTREX or MAAC.

3. Reformulate rations based on the greater bioavailability of BioOptimized Trace Minerals.

The BioOptimized Trace Minerals Program includes two product options: MINTREX chelated trace minerals and MAAC chelated trace minerals. Both are minerals that have the ideal ligand for better bioavailability and greater results.

Novus BioOptimized Trace Minerals are chemically and structurally defined chelates with the right ligands. Many other mineral sources aren’t stable at low pH levels and release the minerals in the upper GI tract. Released too soon, these minerals are prone to absorption by antagonists, which leads to loss through excretion.

MINTREX and MAAC are chelated trace minerals optimized for mineral delivery. The trace minerals are protected from release and from antagonists in the upper GI tract while still available for absorption in the small intestine. Because they have higher bioavailability, beef producers can feed less mineral but with more consistent performance than with other inorganic, non-chelated trace minerals, the company said.

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