The FAD PReP Swine and Dairy Industry Manuals provide a broad overview of U.S. livestock production methods, accompanied by color photos and illustrations, and the procedures that may be established in the event of a swine or cattle-susceptible, highly contagious foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak.

 A quick, effective, and well-coordinated response can minimize harm to the livestock industry as well as allied industries and service providers. Wide dissemination of this information is encouraged to establish open communication between regulators and producers with the goal of reducing the probability that animals or their caretakers become infected with a highly contagious FAD. 

The intended audience of these documents includes officials involved in developing policy and/or managing a highly contagious FAD outbreak, members of veterinary response teams carrying out disease control efforts on swine or dairy operations, livestock producers, and any support personnel interacting with these operations so all are aware of the procedures that may be implemented in a highly contagious FAD event and the biosecurity practices they would be expected to follow. 

These FAD PReP Industry Manuals were produced by the Center for Food Security and Public Health, Iowa State University of Science and Technology, College of Veterinary Medicine, in collaboration with the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service through a cooperative agreement.

Download the Industry Manuals (bottom of web page) and other resources. Additional FAD PReP documents are available on the FAD PReP Collaboration Web site (username and password can be requested).