Balchem Corporation introduces new AminoShure®-L. Now with 38% more lysine, AminoShure-L provides a cost effective alternative to blood meal and other lysine sources. With the production efficiencies passed on to the dairy producer, the cost of Balchem’s new AminoShure-L is now approximately 40% lower per unit of bioavailable lysine as compared to the original AminoShure-L.

New manufacturing advancements and capabilities allow Balchem to dramatically increase the lysine concentration in the finished product. AminoShure-L offers a more concentrated lysine source, lowering overall ration costs, reducing dietary metabolizable protein and creating more “room” in the diet for other ingredients.

The new AminoShure-L contains 52% lysine and maintains the industry-leading rumen protection. New AminoShure-L is also highly available in the small intestine, offering the precision release necessary to deliver a consistent level of bioavailable lysine.