Street-sweeper brush used as livestock back scratcher.
Street-sweeper brush used as livestock back scratcher.

The Repurposed Materials company has taken industrial products that often end up in the landfill and has found creative, lower-cost uses for them in the livestock and agriculture industry.

Repurposed Materials is the only company in America whose entire product line is made of “repurposed” items, and says it makes both economical and environmental sense to repurpose these items, especially in agriculture.         

Some examples of “repurposed” products that may be of specific interest in agriculture include:           

  • Advertising Billboards repurposed as tarps for hay equipment, pond and ditch liners, etc.
  • Scrap Conveyor Belting repurposed as flooring for barns, trailers; wind breaks, chute liners, etc.
  • Street Sweeper Brushes repurposed as back scratchers for livestock
  • Super Sacks repurposed as material storage for feed, etc.
  • 6’ and 12’ Mining Tires repurposed as bull and bullet proof water tanks
  • Climbing Rope repurposed as horse leads, tie down hay, general purpose
  • 275-gal Totes repurposed as water tanks, made into mini fire fighting units, etc.
  • Snow Fence Wood repurposed as fencing, barn siding, etc.

Visit the website for photos, videos and more information about purchasing and using these repurposed items.