It was an exciting opening evening at the 44th Annual American Association of Bovine Practitioners conference in St. Louis when Christian Steenholdt, DVM, received the Quality Veterinarian of the Year award at the Merial dessert reception.

Merial and the Dairy Quality Center (DQC), Stratford, Iowa, co-sponsor this annual award, designed to recognize veterinarians who help dairy producers implement quality management practices within their operation.

Steenholdt, of Progressive Dairy Health Services, Clovis, N.M., joins a prestigious group of fellow veterinarians who have won the award, which includes: Dr. Jeff Dietrich, Dr. James Warling, Dr. Robert Schell, Dr. Brian Mitchell, Dr. Andy Johnson, Dr. Jim Reynolds, Dr. James Jarrett, Dr. Don Gardner, Dr. Jill Hollingsworth, Dr. Craig Schank, Dr. Larry Taylor and Dr. Joe Gillespie.