At a time when livestock producers continue to grapple with the tough economy, Iowa State University Extension wants to make it easier for producers to find educational resources they need.

“We want livestock producers to easily find ISU people and information that can help them work through year-end financial issues and develop financial plans for next year,” said John Lawrence, ISU Extension livestock economist. “We know many producers are feeling financial and emotional stress, so we have placed our materials on one Web page for their convenience.”

The new Web page, Managing Financial Tough Times for Livestock Producers, has materials organized on seven sub-pages.

The Iowa Concern page brings forward legal, financial and emotional support by providing a toll-free number, Web chat, frequently asked questions on its Web site. “We can help producers understand that it was market forces that created this situation, not errors in management on their part.” said John Baker, Iowa Concerns attorney. “Many will need to learn to communicate in new ways and to communicate well as they deal with the tremendous stress caused by this situation.”

"What Do We Tell the Kids?" Is a presentation linked to the new site that covers a topic related to livestock financial crisis, but not often discussed. “It is important that families know how to keep communications open and honest,” said Larry Tranel material presenter.

The Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation page has links to livestock financial issues information on the topics of bankruptcy, civil liabilities, contracts, insurance and secured transactions. The financial management section provides Ag Decision Maker files and tools that are specific to livestock economics.

Species specific information has been pulled from ISU Extension center resources for beef, dairy and pork. “We didn’t create new material for the Managing Financial Tough times Web page,” said Lawrence. “We have pulled from our vast resources the information that is most pertinent during these times and organized them in a way producers will find easy to use.”