Academyof Veterinary Consultants

 AVC President-Elect Jerry Stokka, DVM; AVC Founding Member Al Abdullah, DVM; and AVC President Kelly Lechtenberg, DVM, PhD.

I drove down to Oklahoma City for the Academy of Veterinary Consultants with my dad (Dr. Bruce) who was sporting a Kansas State-purple cast on his soon-to-be-healed broken leg. Over 200 cow-calf, stocker and feedlot veterinarians and veterinary students attended. Trent Fox, PhD, third-year veterinary student, was awarded the Doug Armstrong Memorial Scholarship, and 16 Externship scholarships were presented to veterinary students.

Kelly Lechtenberg, DVM, PhD, Midwest Veterinary Services, Oakland, Neb., took over as 2009 AVC president from Bob Larson, DVM, PhD, Kansas State University. Jerry Stokka, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health is president-elect, and Tom Latta, DVM, Hansford County Veterinary Hospital, Spearman, Texas, is vice president.

Hans Coetzee, BVSc, PhD, KansasStateUniversity, spoke about pain measurement and mitigation studies in cattle, especially concerning dehorning and castration. If we can’t develop appropriate and validated models of measuring pain, we have no hope of getting pain drugs developed and FDA-approved for use in cattle, though the industry is under a lot of pressure to do just that.

Dan Thomson, DVM, PhD, also of K-State, gave an excellent presentation on the science, politics and media surrounding food production and the activists groups who would like to put a halt to animal agriculture. That was followed up by an equally impressive talk by Dave Sjeklocha, DVM, Sublette, Kan. on disarming the animal rights movement with some proactive actions.

AVC’s next meeting (August 6-8, Colorado Springs) will be immediately preceded by a BRD Symposium (see Events section).