There is just something wrong about being in San Diego over a weekend for less than 24 hours! But that was my quick trip there to the U.S. Animal Health Association/American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians meeting.

Applied Biosystems, in conjunction with Bovine Veterinarian, held a well-attended panel discussion with diagnostic experts on the subject of Trichomonas foetus testing. T. foetus has been showing up in some new places in the last several years and new types of testing as well as changing legislation in some states have been confusing for diagnosticians, veterinarians and producers. Stay tuned for more information to come from our excellent panel discussion.

I was disappointed to not have time to spare for the rest of the excellent meetings at USAHA/AAVLD, but I just have too much going on this month! I did regret leaving 70 degree weather for the 40s in Kansas City. Fall has fallen!