The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association offers these talking points about the safety and quality of American beef — whether it is conventionally raised or organically produced:

America’s beef producers offer a variety of choices to meet the changing lifestyles and nutritional needs of consumers.

  • While beef producers are proud to offer beef choices, it is important to remember that all beef is safe, wholesome and nutritious.
  • USDA states that organically produced food is no safer or more nutritious than conventionally produced foods.
  • Ultimately, consumers dictate the actions of the beef production chain by determining what kinds of beef they want and at what price they are willing to purchase them.

All beef is subject to the stringent government regulations and inspection procedures that ensure safety.

  • U.S. beef is safe from BSE because of the progressive steps taken by the cattle industry and the U.S. government over the past two decades.
  • FDA banned the cattle feed ingredients that can spread BSE in1997. This ban applies to all cattle raised in the United States, regardless of production system, and effectively protects the entire U.S. cattle herd from BSE.
  • Beef safety from BSE is assured by multiple safeguards, including removal of materials most likely to carry BSE.

All bee starts with one of the 800,000 American producers whose livelihoods depend on producing a safe, wholesome and nutritious product tailored to the needs of consumers.

  • The great news is that all U.S. beef, regardless of type, shares the same popular characteristics that put it at the center of the plate. It’s a safe and wholesome food with the unique combination of being good for you and tasting good.