Whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch has never met the farmers of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa! That’s because the farmers in each of these states are participating in a program called Farmers Feed US, which offers consumers the chance to win free groceries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – for an entire year!

On the heels of a highly successful campaign in Ohio where more than 200,000 consumers registered for a chance to win, and in the midst of an on-going sweepstakes in Michigan where more than 105,000 have done so, three more states – Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa – have now launched Farmers Feed US programs, featuring farmers from each of their states, respectively.

The Farmers Feed US program allows consumers the opportunity to meet and engage with the farmers who grow their food, on the program's Web site. Through short online video farm tours, consumers learn how they produce safe, nutritious and affordable food, while they also have the opportunity to register in a "Free Groceries for a Year" sweepstakes.

“As more and more people move from an agricultural background to the suburbs and cities, it’s important for consumers to understand how food is delivered to their tables,” said Terry Fleck, executive director of the Center for Food Integrity. “And there’s nobody better to factually and passionately tell that story than the farmers of this country.”

A variety of farmers and their associated commodity groups are participating from each state, including:

  • Ohio – beef cattle, dairy cattle, eggs, hogs, sheep, soybeans, turkeys
  • Michigan – apples, beef cattle, corn, two dairies, eggs, hogs, sheep, soybeans, vegetables
  • Indiana – beef cattle, corn, dairy cattle, eggs, fish, hogs, sheep, soybeans
  • Missouri – beef cattle, corn, dairy cattle, hogs, soybeans
  • Iowa – beef cattle, corn, dairy cattle, hogs, soybeans

For additional information about Farmers Feed US and how the program works, view the program’s campaign overview video: