The USDA monitors milk quality using bulk tank milk SCC (BTSCC) data provided by four of the nation’s 10 Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMOs), which account for nearly half of the nation’s milk supply.

In 2009, the milk-weighted geometric BTSCC mean was 227,000. (The milk-weighted BTSCC takes into account the amount of milk shipped by a producer, resulting in an overall BTSCC mean of monitored milk.)

The producer shipment BTSCC was 277,000 in 2009. (Producer shipment BTSCC is a geometric, nonmilk-weighted mean of all shipments.)

Figure from USDA APHIS infosheet July 2010

Click here to read more results from the report, including the percent of milk and the percent of producers in the FMOs monitored that met the current U.S. federal regulatory SCC limit of 750,000; and the percentage that would have met a 400,000 limit (current regulatory limit in the European Union).