The Nebraska Department of Agriculture and the Nebraska Corn Board will host a free Webinar on Dec. 16 titled “Retained Ownership Decisions: Advantages of Feeding in Nebraska.”

Attention cow-calf producers, Nebraska’s unique combination of cattle feeding operations, abundance of high-quality corn and co-product ration possibilities makes Nebraska a leading option to consider when making cattle feeding decisions.

Join us for this Webinar, when University of Nebraska — Lincoln, Extension Feedlot Specialist, Galen Erickson, and Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist, Darrell Mark, will discuss:

  • Evaluating your economic decisions: Should I sell, background, feed out, or utilize customer service options at a commercial feedyard?
  • What should I consider when selecting a commercial feedyard? Financing options, yardage, cost of gain, market accessibility.
  • Hear the latest results of feeding distiller grains and their impacts on feedlot performance and cost of gain
  • Understanding fed cattle marketing options. Steps for managing risk, tracking performance and carcass data and Nebraska’s accessibility to the packing industry.

The decision to retain ownership of calves depends on market prices and the availability of custom feeding services. Current low feeder cattle prices provide an incentive to retain ownership, however, margin risk has been increasingly volatile in recent years. So, managing input and output price risk is more important than ever before. Register for this Webinar video conference to hear about opportunities available to you.

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