Not only does the Michigan State University College of Veterinary medicine foster veterinary students who want to pursue food animal medicine, but it also uses a unique program to reach out to animal science undergraduates who are looking for a career in food animal veterinary medicine.

MSU’s Production Medicine Scholars Pathway program is open to animal science students committed to a career in food animal production medicine. Each year, up to 10 Production Medicine Scholars, who are animal science undergraduate, are admitted to the veterinary school through a selection process separate from the general selection process.

Among other things, students must have exposure to the veterinary field, a majority of which must be experience with livestock, and demonstrate a strong commitment to livestock agriculture. However, students do not have to have been raised on a farm to qualify in this program.

Students are selected, and their admission into the veterinary school is contingent upon them completing a bachelor’s degree in animal science, maintaining a certain grade point average and having meetings with advisors and veterinary college staff.

Read more about the Production Medicine Scholars Pathway .

This is an excellent program that many veterinary schools could copy if they don’t already have a similar program. It’s also a great way to bridge veterinary school food animal programs and faculty with animal science departments.

What I like is that it’s an opportunity for those students who are committed to a career in food animal medicine, but the brochure does not sugarcoat the process. It says: “This is a different pathway to a veterinary career, not an easier one. It is an intensive program that requires high academic performance and close coordination with an advisor.”

Geni Wren
Bovine Veterinarian Magazine