Scholarships (in order of application deadline)

Douglas A. Armstrong Memorial Scholarship
Jan. 31 each year.
Who is eligible: The recipient must be enrolled in an accredited college of veterinary medicine or in a post-DVM graduate degree program, displaying excellent in beef cattle clinical research.
Award: The scholarship sponsored by Bayer Animal Health is $2,500 and is awarded to the recipient at his/her school’s annual awards ceremony. The recipient is expected to make a short presentation summarizing his/her research project at a meeting of the Academyof Veterinary Consultants.
Application notes: The electronic application can be found starting in December 2009 at Each application must have two letters of recommendation (using online form) and a proposed protocol of a clinical research project involving health aspects of production of beef cattle. Initial protocol must be submitted for review even if the research project is underway or already completed. Submit, with a current resume, to For more details and instructions on applying,  click here or call Paula Lehman at (913) 766-4373.

AABP Research Assistantship
 Feb. 1 each year.
Who is eligible: Graduate veterinarians who are AABP members and registered in a masters or doctoral program at an accredited North American veterinary college, a college with a veterinary science department, or a candidate shall be a North American bovine practitioner and AABP member conducting a scientific research project. Students enrolled at an accredited North American veterinary college (school) who are pursuing a concurrent masters or doctoral degree and are student AABP members are also eligible.
Award: An annual sum of at least $5,000 and up to $10,000 may be awarded to a candidate or sums thereof may be awarded to a number of candidates.
Application Notes: To submit an application, click here. With the initial Application, the candidate shall report on any work initiated or completed that is related to the proposal.

AABP Veterinary Student Recognition Award
 March 15
Who is eligible: Student members of AABP enrolled at veterinary colleges and schools are eligible to apply during their second and/or third year (award is granted the next academic year).
Award: AABP will provide eight $1,500 awards to 3rd and /or 4th year veterinary students who are interested in dairy and/or beef veterinary medicine.
Application notes: Students need to complete the online form which outlines their background, work and academic experience, primary interests in veterinary medicine, career goals and provide the name of a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor will also need to electronically submit a supporting letter of sponsorship regarding the applicants’ qualifications to the veterinary college/school’s AABP faculty representative.

AABP Amstutz Scholarship
 May 31
Who is eligible: Second-year students enrolled in colleges of veterinary medicine in Canada and the United States.
Award: These scholarships are funded by the AABP Amstutz Scholarship Fund and by the Eli Lilly & Co Foundation on behalf of Elanco Animal Health. In 2008, 20 $2,000 scholarships were granted. The Scholarship Committee determines the dollar amount of the scholarships and the number granted each year.
Application notes: Applications will be evaluated for the overall interest of the applicant in bovine practice, involvement in bovine medicine and bovine-related extracurricular activities, ability to express oneself in writing, and insightful answers to the essay questions. Grades are considered, but do not make up the majority of the evaluation for selection of recipients. Membership in your college’s student chapter of AABP or Food Animal Club is strongly encouraged.  Electronic submission of applications through the  AABP Web site is strongly encouraged.

The AABP Foundation-Pfizer Animal Health Scholarship
 June 15
Who is eligible: Third-year veterinary students in the U.S. interested in food-animal medicine.
Award: Recipients will receive a $5,000 scholarship and a travel stipend to the 2009 September AABP conference in Omaha, Neb.
Application notes:
To fill out an electronic application,  click here. Applicants must provide information regarding their cattle industry background and provide answers to several essay questions pertaining to the role of large animal veterinarians in today’s society. For more information, email aabphq@aabp.orgor call (800) 269-2227.

Western Veterinary Conference Food Animal Incentive Award
 Oct. 1
Award: Six Food Animal Incentive Awards are given annually. The award includes expense-paid travel to attend the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, and a stipend of $1,000.
Who is eligible: A recipient must be a graduate of an AVMA-accredited college or school of veterinary medicine and engaged in a food animal medicine, surgery, production medicine, theriogenology, or epidemiology internship or in the first year of an AAVC-recognized residency, either at a university or in private practice. Graduate veterinarians from other schools or colleges or in other training programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
Application notes: Complete and submit  an application form, and provide letters of recommendation from two veterinarians.

Externships (in order of application deadline)

Academyof VeterinaryConsultants ExternshipGrants
 Jan. 31 each year.
Who is eligible: Student members of AVC who are currently enrolled students in a veterinary college demonstrating an interest in beef production medicine, (cow-calf, stocker, and/or feedlot) and a financial need.
Award: A grant in the amount of $500 to financially assist veterinary students working in an externship or preceptorship program or summer employment.
Application notes: The online application can be found at starting in December, 2009. Students need to have the veterinary practice where their externship will take place complete a letter of nomination indicating they are willing to accept the student for the externship.