Lana Kaiser, DVM, MD, Mason, Mich., says when she graduated veterinary school while in her 40s, she established some rules about working with cattle clients. “I realized I made my living with my brain, not my brawn, and I also had the advantage of having several different jobs in addition to bovine practice.” (See also “Practicing for Two”, Bovine Veterinarian, July/August 2009).

 Kaiser’s rules are:

  • I only work for people who take issues of safety seriously and make my safety a top priority.
  • If you have no facilities - I won't work for you.
  • I don't chase cows. If you can't get 'em in, you can pay me to sit. If I have to spend hours running after your cattle, I'm tired and when I am tired I do stupid things like get hurt.
  • If you have insufficient help, call me on a different day.
  • I don't play cowboy. I won't preg check your cows tied to a post in a field.
  • Listen to the little voice. When you tell me to move my truck over by the gate to use to get the cow to go somewhere, and the little voice says that is a stupid idea, listen to it! (or have the cow smash the rear of the truck).