Jim Roth attended the OIE/FAO Global Conference on Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) held June 24-26 in Asunción, Paraguay as a representative of the Institute for International Collaboration in Animal Biologics (IICAB). The IICAB, along with the USDA APHIS groups in Ames, is an OIE Collaborating Center for Diagnosis of Animal Disease and Vaccine Evaluation in the Americas. The Conference focused on the need to boost national and regional policies related to FMD and the actions needed to control foot and mouth disease at the global level. 

More than 500 participants, including OIE national Delegates, representatives of FAO and other partner international organizations, stakeholders, officials from non-governmental agencies and farmers’ organizations, and international donors attended the conference. Topics covered included:

  • The updated control methods of the disease
  • The status of research on FMD
  • The application of disease surveillance methodologies
  • The application and development of vaccines and vaccine banks
  • The use, constraints and availability of diagnostic methods in susceptible species
  • The current status of the international standards for safe trade

Currently, more than 100 countries are not FMD-free. Important conclusions were that:

  • FMD affects food security in developing countries by causing shortages of high value milk and meat protein.
  • FMD is a continuous threat to countries that are currently free of the disease.
  • Rapid vaccine availability and use is crucial to control of extensive FMD outbreaks in FMD free countries.

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