Top Fill Slurry Tanks

Balzer offers Top-Fill Slurry Tanks ranging in sizes from 4,300 to 9,300 gallons. These tanks come with the industry’s latest technology such as the Rite-Rate Application System which provides precise, consistent application of nutrients throughout every field. Hydraulic suspension on every tank smoothes out rough terrain and reduces wear and tear. Balzer uses the best manufacturing technology available such as automatic submerged arc welding to build the highest quality tanks. There are a variety of configurations and options available to best meet your operation’s needs. For a full listing of these options, contact your local Balzer dealer or call a Balzer Representative at 800-795-8551.

About Balzer Inc.

Balzer Inc. is the leading maker of livestock manure and municipal waste handling equipment, large capacity grain carts, and shredders.



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